Virtual Book Discussions Dissolve Boundaries

The Community Virtual Library holds virtual book discussions at a round table where all are welcome.  The Science Fiction genre is particularly popular because the virtual world setting lends itself to futuristic ideas!

virtualRoundTable Usually the discussions are held on the 4th Friday of the month.  On September 22, 2017, the title is ANTHEM by Ayn Rand.  This dystopian novel, published in 1938, takes place in a futuristic dark age where the concept of individuality no longer exists.

If you don’t have the book, come visit the Community Virtual Library in Second Life to pick up a copy on the round table by the door!  WEAR the book and click on it to access either an ebook or an audiobook.


Come join us in a library without walls in a world where distance is irrelevant.  Don’t worry if you have not had time to finish the book because you will surely enjoy a lively discussion.


UW Virtual Hub Library: Plans for 3D Information Literacy

by Dr. Valerie Hill (Valibrarian)

Libraries are changing as we enter an era of global participatory digital culture. The physical space of libraries is (and perhaps always will be) valued as a community hub, a learning commons, or a “makerspace”; however virtual spaces are in demand as information seekers now access information on mobile pocket devices and a generation of gamers demand immersive, engaging experiences with media.

Graduates of the University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds are collaborating on a virtual world library alongside a museum which will highlight 3D content. The planning session for the virtual world library space began with concepts about information literacy (IL) in new formats and the importance of personal responsibility for 21st century learning standards.

The UW Virtual Hub Library seeks to deliver 3D information literacy skills through immersion, interactivity, and an aesthetic metaphor for learning through the seasons of life. View the underlying concepts of a virtual world library and make plans to visit once the UW Virtual Hub Library opens. Plans include: metadata as art, digital footprints in 3D, digital citizenship displays, live events on IL topics, interactive critical evaluation of content (to demonstrate how online information may be inaccurate) through a balance of tradition and innovation.