AgileBill Firehawk

Hello!!  I’m pleased to join the ranks of the University of Washington Alumni – class of 2010.

Who is AgileBill?

  • AgileBill Krebs   <– See me talk with Grady Booch – the Carl Sagan of the Computer Industry
  • SL: AgileBill Firehawk  – So3d: AgileBill4d Firehawk
  • Cary, NC, USA
  • Role: Distributed Agile Coach I match your needs with tools for distributed teams, and help you avoid the pitfalls, I teach and do Agile Project Management using spatial tools for distributed teams.
  • Allscripts (a Healthcare IT company) Worked over 20 years at IBM Founder and Principal: Agile Dimensions LLC Board of Directors, Rockcliffe University Consortium
  • My Education UWA Virtual Worlds certificate – class of 2010 Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Practitioner, Certified Innovation Games Facilitator, Certified MBTI Facilitator BBA/cs University of New Mexico
  • Goal: All our teams are spread across the globe.  Tools for distributed teams make use feel co-present, so we can work better as demanded by the Agile Manifesto.
  • Accomplishments in Virtual Environments Teaching      Co-organized the VWBPE Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference, 2,500 educators, 4 years running.      Board of Directors member of Rockcliffe University Consortium Consulting      Founded the Agile Business ParkCreated Agile3d – including the Agile Factory, Scruncboard, and co-created Agile Hopscotch.      Designed the Agile Team space for Sococo.  Piloted with 207 users in industry. Service      I Serve the Virtual Ability community by “Putting a Project Manager in a Wheelchair”
  • Avalumni member
  • I want to continue to grow new skills this fast moving environment  I costs $12,000 to fly to India.  But I achieve “osmotic communication” with the click of a button.






Skype      AgileBill4d


Virtual Holdings:

I have virtual spaces in over 6 platforms: Second Life, VenueGen, Unity3d/Jibe, Spoton3d, Sococo, Jokaydia/Reactiongrid, Web.Alive   Experience with Habo, Telepresence, Teleplace, Twinity, Blue Mars, and 3dExplorer