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 About Me

  • I have spent the past 30+ years working with computers in one way or another. From writing batch files in DOS way back when to writing communications protocols for experiments destined for the International Space Station to working in instructional technology at my local university, I have been involved with the industry in some way, shape, or form since I was 15. No, I’m not slowing down – I currently have three jobs that keep me busy and sort of out of trouble, thanks.
  • I would call myself a developer-engineer with way too much curiosity regarding how and why things work. I will generally be the one who writes a script in Second Life that accidentally embeds an object 200m beneath the surface. At least I own up to it.  🙂
  • I am a member of both the IEEE and the ACM. I try to participate in standards committees and research groups as much as possible.
  • In 2006, a like-minded architecture professor and I discussed using Second Life to conduct virtual “walk-throughs” of student projects. Our ultimate goal was to build a holodeck. I still want that holodeck. Thank goodness for VR
  • While my undergrad studies took place in a traditional “brick and mortar” university, my graduate degree was earned entirely online. The fun part about walking graduation 1800 miles from home was meeting my classmates from all over the world – physically – for the first time.

Anyone who has known me for more than 1 hour knows I love to laugh. I honestly find most things funny. Sarcasm is my friend too. So – if I don’t pick on you I either:

  1. Don’t know you well enough, or
  2. Don’t like you.   😉 .

I hold strong convictions that ethics and fairness rule physical and virtual life. In other words, I play by the rules and kind of expect others to do the same. (Note: for EVE Online players who are currently laughing – I do understand roleplay and I do roleplay accordingly – grin).  I’m always available if you need an ear… or an honest opinion. 😀

I am one of those apparently-rare computer people who work with computers all day and actually enjoy them after work. An 18-hour day spent figuring out how to make that script work perfectly is not a problem for me. Gaming is a passion and EVE Online has me truly addicted.  I also enjoy automating my home and getting my household’s now-20 devices (Mac and Win) to cooperate with each other. And yes – I am “IT Support” to all of my family and friends. Sort of comes with the territory.

If I’m not inworld, I am outside camping, gardening, or traveling somewhere. I’m an avid college sports fan and have been a UW Husky football season-ticket holder since I attended in 1997 (go Dawgs!). And when I’m in Seattle, you can usually find me at the Dub Pub in Kirkland or Claim Jumper in Redmond. I am a total Eastsider.

How to Find Me

In any Virtual World: Since I just LOVE consistency, I go by the name Raven Luna in any virtual world. Second Life, InWorldz, Kitely, OSGrid, etc. – just search for my name and send an IM. I always answer. (Just as an FYi – cause for some reason this happens A LOT – please call me by my first name Raven instead of my last name Luna. Not sure why, but people like to call me Luna.  *shrugs*)

Email – you know, the old-fashioned way: raven@simwalking.com

Website: http://www.simwalking.com

LinkedIn (cause I’d always love to get that 4th or 5th job offer): http://www.linkedin.com/in/calitam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raven.luna.50 (This is probably a good time to tell you how much I hate Facebook. Unfortunately, everyone else is there, so I had to go there too. Can hardly wait until this parasite of social media drops off the face of the planet. So I guess it goes without saying that I don’t check in very often. 😉