Zinnia Zauber

Zinnia Zauber Co-Chair 2009/Estate Manager, 2011-12  (2nd Term)

UW Virtual World Certificate Program Graduate 2009

UW Virtual World Certificate Program Lecturer/Mentor for 2010 and 2011

Website: uniqueasyou.com
Blog: zinniazauber.wordpress.com
Facebook: facebook.com/renneemiko  facebook.com/zinniazauber
Twitter: @renneemiko
Slideshare: slideshare.net/renneemiko
YouTube: youtube.com/user/RenneEmiko
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/renne-emiko-brock-richmond/a/809/ab2

Zinnia Zauber / Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond is an artist, instructor, and entrepreneur empowering innovative expression, encouraging connections, and creating community through supportive instruction with inspired results. Zinnia has been teaching college level art and digital media since 1993 and virtual world use since 2008 with Lewis & Clark College, Monterey Peninsula College, Peninsula College, University of Washington, and Arizona State University. A civil leader and advocate in her physical and virtual communities, Zinnia has established, produced, and supported creative networks, events, and nonprofits by facilitating collaborative connections and ongoing education among artists, educational institutions, cultural and humanitarian organizations, businesses, chambers of commerce, tourism commissions, and the community.

She received her UW Virtual Worlds Certificate in 2009 to develop opportunities for expression, education, and activism with access and support to a worldwide audience from her remote home of Sequim, Washington. Zinnia facilitates builds, leads active events, and is a guest lecturer inworld with several partners including Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds, TechSoup Global, Nonprofit Commons, Virtual Ability, Rockcliffe University Consortium, Second Life Community Conference, and Birthday Celebrations. Since 2010, Zinnia has served as 2009 Co-Chair of the Avalumni Council and Estate Manager for UW Avalumni Island.