Gamification MOOCers Meet-Up in Second Life

Coursera is offering a MOOC on gamification, a topic that fits well with virtual worlds.  Those familiar with virtual worlds understand that a virtual world is NOT a game, but that game elements can be embedded in simulated, immersive environments.

Classmates enrolled in the spring Coursera Gamification MOOC plan to meet as a study group in SL at these times:

Tuesday  5pm SLT
Wednesday  3pm SLT
Sunday  1pm SLT
Coursera classmates and other interested individuals are welcome to attend
Thousands of people have enrolled (is it really over 50,000?)!  About 18,000 students of the MOOC completed the first week’s survey.  We will share what we hope to learn and how this course fits into our experience in virtual worlds.
Meet upstairs above the reference desk on Imagination Island.
Place:Imagination Island, Community Virtual Library Exhibition Area





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