Virtual World Meditation: Are you Ready for Spring Break?

The American Library Association ACRL Virtual World Interest Group Meeting for March 2013 will focus on an interesting topic:  meditation in a virtual world.  Educators, librarians, and really everyone could use a relaxing change of pace at times. 

You are invited to listen to a presentation and experience meditation in a new way.

Where:  Imagination Island (the new home of the Community Virtual Library)

When: March 24th noon-1pm SLT

Topic:  Virtual Meditation

Donavan Vichi will present a session on meditation techniques in virtual worlds.  Take a break from your routine and enjoy some well deserved relaxation as we experience virtual world meditation and listen to this interesting topic.
No need to be a group member to attend.  All are welcome.


Oberon Octagon (Donavan Vicha) oversaw the design and construction of a sim for the American Library Association. He served as admin for sim for three years, consulting for another two years before it closed due to funding issues. Beyond his professional interests, he has received a certificate from the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation as a spiritual director. He helps facilitate the training of spiritual directors in the ChristosChicago branch and is on the board of directors of Christos. He has taken his experience inworld with an appearance at the 2012 International Spirit Festival and gave a series of talks on Happiness and Spiritual Disciplines at the Island of Nirvana.


Professional journal:

Relevant Memberships

Association of Virtual Worlds



ACRL VWIG Convener 2012-2013


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