ACRL Librarians “Fly” Through New Formats and New Worlds

As a graduate of the UW Certificate in Virtual Worlds, I feel comfortable “gridhopping” to new worlds and juggling new media formats.  Being accustomed to hearing about the “steep learning curve” of virtual worlds, I was braced for only a few participants at a recent jump between Second Life and Jokaydia.  What a surprise!  15 librarian avatars toured a virtual world library, based in Australia, on Jokaydia Grid.  With the rise of simple 2D social media and mobile apps, virtual worlds appeared to slow down as an emerging technology trend for the past year or two.  These brave, cutting edge librarians re-affirmed my belief that the potential for virtual worlds as an educational tool, communication platform, and information delivery system will continue to expand in the future. My role, as convener of the Association of College and Research Librarians Virtual World Interest Group for 2012-2013 is to share this potential through programs, events, and exploration of best practices in virtual worlds by librarians and educators.

ACRL Virtual World Interest Group Gridhops to Jokaydia from valibrarian gregg on Vimeo.

Watch these brave librarian pioneers juggle two virtual worlds as they “fly” through information formats and collaborate across the globe.


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