Class 2012 Graduation Machinima

uwvw class 2012 graduation mvm2012

The Certificate in Virtual Worlds offered completely online by the University of Washington since 2009 is no ordinary e-learning program.

  • It was designed and is being taught by a deep thought leader and a proven business innovator, a rare combination, Randy Hinrics, CEO of 2d3d.
  • It applies what it preaches: It challenges participants to the extreme so as they achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.
  • It brings together a flexible, global learning team.

The result time and time again confirms that learners

  • assume ownership,
  • invest voluntarily long hours ,
  • reach stunning results and
  • enjoy the process whole-heartedly.

Being in the position to have experienced the program in the last two years as Student first in 2010-11 and Mentor this year, I have observed an even deeper impact on people:

I have witnessed in myself and in others the formation of virtual trust, deep, solid human relationships, effective virtual collaboration in global scale. Isn’t the inspiration of positive personal change and growth the holy grail of education in any form and kind? It’s not the technology, it’s the proper skillful application in the right context. As research has proven, 3D Virtual Immersive Environments are all about Transformation. The potential is there, it’s up to innovators and leaders in all sectors and organizations to use them effectively.

Time for action:


The University of Washington is creating a strong global community of virtual worlds experts who are speer heading innovation. If you are interested in participating in the Class of 2013, start here and if you have questions, contact Randy Hinrichs at

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