GridHoppers Hop Over to Another Virtual World

Last weekend, the UW Avalumni GridHoppers Guild went on a second virtual field trip (led by AgileBill) to SpotON3D.  Valibrarian took a few machinima shots before she had to leave for a virtual librarian meeting.

A favorite shot is the one of AgileBill in the physical world on the screen in the virtual auditorium.  We had to laugh because we were seeing a picture of the physical world in a virtual audiotorium while on a field trip with avatars in two worlds at once (SL and SpotON3D)!  Explain that to a virtual world newbie!

The machinima closes with an anecdote (by Laurel) regarding a physical world gathering of librarians.  It was at this gathering that Laurel and Valibrarian met at the American Library Association Convention and discussed the UW Certificate in Virtual Worlds course.

UW Avalumni GridHoppers Field Trip 2 from valibrarian gregg on Vimeo.


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